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good stuff!

I like your stuff because you animated the bunny really well and obvioulsy have animation skills! Weight, follow thourgh actions and timing were all really good. I wish you had spent another night or two and animated the chicks too!! Have a littel bit more movements towards the end to balance out the whole thing. Good work!


So the message was good! Synch the audio better and then animate some more so that something actually happens, more than a slow zooming tween and a couple of frames of the mouth. Really. I was expecting somehtign to come after the long speech because there HAD to be somehting but instead it ended and made me sad. Really. Realize that style and quality are two different things and start animating!

Good work!

I like all the Starwell shorts. But the thing that drives me crazy are the endings. Nothing that defines the short to be over or there is some thing you need to push to watch more... I don't know because the short just stops and i find myself looking for invisible buttons because i want to see more and my brain tilts when i cant find anything. Fix the endings so that it isn't so awkward, the shorts are too good to have such a crappy endings! You have a nice set of shorts and there is obviously a lot of work in them, do yourself a favor and watch some classics to see how they end their stuff and fix it. Other than that, great characters, your character is honestly deeper than spongebob so pat yourself on the back, nice expressions and flow of conversation, maybe spice it up a bit with more "body language" but it's really not necessary. I love the rooster... I wouldn't have immagined him differently. Good work.


Not to give a full score for you work is moronic. I'd say seeing your work on newgrounds is refreshing and it makes me happy that there still are talanted people around. You kick ass! Lipsynching is great, can't compare it to anyhting on this site. Animation has great followthroughs and timing aswell as weight. You are flawless in nailing characteristic treats, like the hesitations and the hands (I thought they were rotoscoped at first but then i thought if the rest is that good then they are not) and even eye movements show that precision you only see in profesional cartoons. The only thing i can say as for construcive criticism is the dinosaur being taken and flown away. Everyhting is nice, perfect, except for the actual flying part. It doesn't show the same eye for wieght you have in the rest of the short. Once they are in the air it looks like a small bird and doesn't behave as a giant beast. Needs to be heavier. Nice intro though, very nice. Hope to see more work. PLEASE!!!


Excellent song, funny! The loosing his mind part was my favourite. Brilliant!!! There were obviously parts that could have been better put together but that was kind of the charm of it all. It was fast and funny a brought you right in! Good work!


So how many working on this then?? There are some serious shit going on in this and will probably require some major time... Unless it's an awesome and intense five second short. I really hope the rest will come out as good and and impossibly perfect as what you have here. You kick ass, please make more perfect animaiton! Good luck!


I liked your fishing more than this one but it certainly has that wonderful touch that you haev. Marverlous! One little teenie tiny suggestion... don't leave the background comletely white. It makes such a strong contrast to the black lines and it's fine but it deadens the wonderful subtleness of your short. It could have been a very light cream color or something else really light, green, blue, whatever... Nice touch with limited colors, music is awesome. rain is wonderful! just the white, you know. Good work!

YES! Finally something with style!

Very, very nice. Great animation. I was curious the whole time through the animation what the (man/boy, don't know) looked like. I wanted to put a face on the character but i couldn't. That i s my only problem with the short and it's a tiny one. I can look past it...not important... forgotten allready. The black text bubbles are a brilliant touch i think, again it put a nice feel and style to it. Good work, i hope to see more of your stuff.

i just gave you ten all the way...

Simply amazingl. Such a cool animation, very gripping. It's sad and disturbingly funny that there is so little effort to do good yet no one does. Life is reduced to numbers and profit and people are blinded by status and shiny things. The quality of you short is wonderful and it's edited like a pro, really nice! It truly deserves to be seen by everyone. Good work and good luck.

Good stuff!

Nice style. I like the deadpan humour. I would be careful where the backgrounds end up because some of the lines "interfered" with the character. The locker room and outside fence (not so much the fence)...if they were moved a little it would solve it. There's a Home movies quality over it that is very nice. God work!

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